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Meet The Chics




Over the past seven years we have had the honor of documenting love stories from as far away as the sunny Jamaican shores, to the historic cities of Mississippi and all the way back to the peach orchards and sweet farm towns in our home state of Georgia. Our work is crafted with you in mind. Photography is our passion and our clients are our family. Not only do we want you to have beautiful images, we want you to ENJOY your time with us. Let’s laugh together, let’s create together, and most importantly…. let’s dance together!


• Seven years ago we met, became photography soul mates and never looked back! Even though we aren’t sisters, shoot, we’re not even related, we secretly believe we were twins separated at birth!

• We may (or may not) have a few acronym disorders…OCD, PMS, ADD, and oh look…Sparkles!

• Our families have our hearts. Nothing beats a good ol’ bear hug, Eskimo kisses, or an “I love you Mom”.

• We’re some of the most fun girls to be around until we get hungry…this immediately causes us to become hangry which is defined as “a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing irritability.” Honestly….just ask our husbands.

• Car-ride karaoke is our favorite. We love to sing at the top of our lungs to everything from classic country, hard rock and even a little 90’s throwback.

• One of us is sweet. One of us is sassy. We’ll let you guess which one is which.

• We love to talk. Honestly we could carry on a thirty minute conversation with a stop sign.

• We find beauty in overgrown weeds, broken down buildings and places that require tall boots, lots of bug spray, and sometimes even police protection.

• We wish it were Fall all year round. Nothing beats a crisp evening, a warm fire and a yum-tastic S’more …or two…or four.

• Our motto is “We have BIG hair and we don’t care!”

• We’re a close-knit family and our ultimate goal is that by the end of your photography experience, you’ll be ready to adopt us into yours.