If we could offer one piece of advice for your engagement session, it would be to dress-up! Grab that fancy cocktail dress or suit out of your closet, head to the nearest shop to buy somethin’ a little fancy, borrow a piece from a friend or rent an elegant dress our two! We encourage you […]


September 4, 2019

Jake & Shaki | A Romantic Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement Session | Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Photographers

Imagine our surprise when we pulled up to High Falls State Park to see wild purple Wisteria entangling every branch, tree and bush all long the river banks! The flowering vines were so vivid and bright among the barren trees! I’m pretty sure we both screeched out loud when we pulled up and realized this gorgeous canvas […]


March 5, 2019

Drew & Aly | Wild Wisteria High Falls State Park Engagement Session | Atlanta, Georgia Photographers

YAY! Congratulations! You just got engaged and are wondering what is the point of an engagement session and is it truly worth it? We’re here to tell you, heck yah it is…and the 5 reasons you should make an engagement session happen! Be sure to take lots of notes so you can answer your fiancé […]

Engagements, Wedding

January 29, 2019


The Atlanta Beltline is an absolute favorite of ours for engagement sessions because no portion along your walk is ever the same. Walking anywhere along the 22 mile loop and exploring the many brightly colored wall murals, funky bridges, public art installations and tree filled parks is on the top of our list of things […]


August 30, 2018

Jeff & Nickki | Atlanta Beltline and Ponce City Market Engagement Session | Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Photographers

That’s it. We’re done adulting. We’re going camping. It was the middle of fall wedding season (read: drowning in a deep sea of fall wedding and portrait session edits) when a few of us local photographers decided we needed to plan a trip at the end of the season that included simplicity and some much needed […]


March 1, 2017

The Happy Campers | High Falls State Park Session | Atlanta, Ga Photographers

The Swan House Estate, located at the Atlanta History Center, is a well known and popularly toured historic home in Atlanta, Georgia. This classic white mansion was built in 1928 and is truly a photographer’s dream! With an impressive lawn that invites a couple for dancing, the grand staircases that symmetrically wrap on either side, ornate and unique […]


February 14, 2017

Kristen & Brett | Swan House-Atlanta History Center Engagement Session | Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Photographers

When we first arrived at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia to meet Anna & Drew for their engagement session, it was our first time ever being there. All we could think of was A.) How have we never heard of this place before? B.) This place is going to make for an absolutely amazing session! anddddd […]


July 26, 2016

Anna & Drew | Ponce City Market and Atlanta Beltline Engagement Session in Atlanta, Georgia | Atlanta, Ga Wedding Photographers

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